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Speciality Packaging

We go beyond the compressor to get your facility moving gas faster

We up the ante when it comes to Specialty Packaging. Drawing on customer feedback for turnkey production skids, both upstream and downstream of the compressor package, A G Equipment goes further than other packagers. We can now offer a number of solutions, such as pipe racks and fuel conditioning skids, to streamline your processes and bring the high quality of shop fabrication into the field.

Our custom fabricated designs give you modular skids that allow for fast field installation. These quick bolt-up skids reduce site build time and labor expenses, improve project quality, minimize weather related impacts to your construction schedule, and get your project to profitability faster.

Sometimes a standard compressor package won’t do. Compressor packages that fit on a trailer or in a shipping container, we’ve built it. Motor Control Center skids that can survive in the harsh conditions of Siberia, we’ve built it. After more than 40 years, we have seen it all.

You can rest easy when you choose A G Equipment. We have the design, parts, competencies, and experience to solve your biggest challenge.

For those times you need to get creative with your compression, our experience in specialty packaging can show you that it’s not just possible, it’s been done.

A G Equipment 600,000-square-foot indoor facility

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Pipe Rack Skids
  • Slug Catcher Skids
  • ESD Skids
  • Helium Liquefiers
  • Fuel Conditioning Skids
  • Container Packages
  • Trailer/ Truck Packages
  • Power Houses
  • Heat Recovery Systems

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